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How to Define the Strategy and Vision for Engineering Teams

Posted Apr 27, 2022 | Views 2.5K

Note: This event was hosted in conjunction with Managers Club.

As an engineering team grows, it’s important for engineering leaders to conceive, communicate and reinforce a team’s strategy and vision.

To start, how do engineering leaders capture and document the strategy and vision in the first place? Is it a document or presentation? Next, how do leaders best communicate that strategy to their teams?

In this event, a panel of engineering leaders will discuss these topics:

How do you define a strategy and vision in the first place? What’s the basis for a strategy and vision – business goals, executive mandates, other? What’s the best mechanism for communicating the strategy? How are strategy and vision factored into recruiting, hiring and onboarding? Measurement and metrics: how do engineering leaders know that the team is successfully executing the strategy and vision? The Panel Vidal Graupera, Engineering Manager, Productivity Tools UI/UX and IDEs at LinkedIn (moderator) Monica Bajaj, VP of Engineering at Okta Chintan Shah, VP of Engineering at Collective Himanshu Khurana, Director of Engineering, LinkedIn

On-Demand Recording Watch a recording of the panel discussion: https://vimeo.com/703905639

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Posted Apr 27, 2022 | Views 2.5K