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CTO Connection’s Transatlantic CTO Summit

Posted Apr 27, 2022 | Views 2.5K

Note: This event is hosted by our friends at CTO Connection.

This is a chance to share problems and get answers with an international community of your peers. AT CTO Connection, we run one of the biggest communities of senior engineering leaders (director and higher) in North America. At this summit, we’re bringing together our US and Canadian communities to connect with our growing community in the UK and Europe.

The war for talent. The great resignation. The return to the office. It’s going to be a busy year for engineering leaders! We’re just finally starting to get into our groove with remote, and now we need to go back to the office?! Should we keep offices? If so, how do we make for a compelling in-office experience without disadvantaging our remote peers? How do we think about correlating compensation and geography when we’ve proven you don’t need to be within commuting distance of the office to do your job?

How should we think about timezones and cultures when potentially broadening our hiring radius? Is a better camera in the conference room really the best way to support your remote team members? And how do we create deep, sustainable relationships across our orgs if some or all of our teams are permanently remote? How do we align our teams, our missions and their career goals to avoid “the great resignation”? Especially when Silicon Valley companies are coming for your talent – wherever they live.

We have great presentations from the CTOs of Greenhouse, Sustainable1 at S&P, and senior engineering leaders from CoderPad and Dealerware. We then have an AMA (Ask Me Anything) panel with senior engineering leaders from the UK and the EU providing their perspectives on the topic. And finally, we have breakouts where you can share your experiences and get input from other senior engineering leaders about how they’re approaching these challenges.

Benefits of Attending The chance to connect with and learn from your peers – in EMEA and North America.
Access to videos of the whole event and of the individual talks for later viewing or sharing with your team. A free, pre-release copy of our new report on attracting and retaining talent in a hybrid world – covering all of the above topics and more. Whether you’d like to sanity-check your plans for bringing some of your teams back to the office, share best practices for retaining talent at a time when everyone seems to be looking for their next job, or you simply want to connect with some other senior engineering leaders, come join us to think about how we can leverage the recent upheavals to improve the quality and effectiveness of our engineering organizations.

On-Demand Recording Watch an on-demand recording of the event: https://vimeo.com/694539210

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