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April 28, 2022

How to Build in Web 3.0

How to Build in Web 3.0

Event Summary

Dennis Shiao
Dennis Shiao
How to Build in Web 3.0

Recently Lohika sponsored a virtual event from Inside.com titled “How to Build in Web 3.0.” At the event, founders, CEOs and experts in blockchain technology discussed what developers need to know in order to succeed in the new world of Web 3.0.

In this post, I share highlights from a few of the event’s sessions.

Peter Yang (Odyssey DAO) on solving customer problems with Web3

Peter Yang, Founder of Odyssey DAO and Product Lead at Reddit, did a talk about solving customer problems with Web3.

Peter started by discussing the thesis of Web3. Sure, decentralization is nice, says Peter, but the majority of end-users don’t really care about that. Instead, Peter notes that Web3 and crypto have one feature that never existed before: trust.

Trust is enforced on the blockchain. And with trust, Peter says that people can finally own the upside from their work. And with that, Web3 can democratize access to work, finance (e.g., DeFi) and assets (e.g., NFTs).

Raman Frey on the promise of Web3, the NFT frenzy and more

Friend of Lohika Raman Frey is the Founder of Good People Dinners and host of our Lohika Re:think event series. 

Raman’s 20-minute talk covered a nice mix of Web3 topics:

  • Is the promise of Web3 “distributive by design”?
  • What do you think of this NFT frenzy? What are the pros and cons for digital artists and collectors?
  • What are some of the more promising applications, outside of crypto, that you hope will be developed?
  • Is it possible to have dominant players like Venture Capital, Private Equity and Sovereign Wealth Funds, with their expectations of exponential returns, in a new decentralized web?
  • If you had a magic wand and could see something built using the most advanced DLTs, what would it be?

Siraj Raval (Polygon Technology) on how software engineers can transition to Web3 projects

During his talk, Siraj Raval answered a viewer’s question on how to help developers transition to Web3. Siraj said to visit the Polygon Academy, which he made himself. He found and curated Web3 resources and made them accessible on the academy site. The academy enables engineers to go step-by-step and progress from beginner to advanced levels of Web3. Outside of the academy, Siraj mentioned subreddits and Twitter Spaces that Polygon participates in.

Web 3.0 founders and experts in a Q&A session

The event concluded with a Q&A session featuring Web 3.0 founders and experts. Our own Tom Scopazzi joined as a panelist. 

The panel covered the following topics:

  • What are the key traits of successful founders/companies in Web 3.0? 
  • What are the barriers to entry and how to overcome them?
  • Are large companies desiring to switch to Web 3.0
  • What are your predictions for Web4?

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